Why you should choose Co+Lab

Simple, because we are unique. Co+Lab is the co-working space for the modern 21st-century hustler. It’s located at the heart of Dhaka’s commercial and diplomatic zone, meaning you will be placed right in the middle of where the business is happening in town. Find yourself immersed in Dhaka’s most premium business location.

Secondly, our selection of office furniture is unlike any other. We put a heavy emphasis on having ergonomic furniture arrangement around our facility. Research shows that having ergonomic furniture that suits your body reduces work stress and increases productivity by almost 40% among other benefits. And at Co+Lab, we value your work above everything else.

And lastly, Co+Lab is not just a shared office space, it’s a platform to create a community. Co+Lab is designed to provide 365-degree support for a startup to grow, with the help of communities, investor access, networking events, legal and technical support and many more.

Besides our unique features, here are everything that makes Co+Lab you ideal workspace:

  1. Full compliance commercial building
  2. Meal facilities for members
  3. Soundproof rooms
  4. Event space
  5. Huddle Room/Phonebooth
  6. Self Service pantry
  7. Dedicated outdoor smoking zone
  8. Virtual office facilities
  9. Smoke detection and sprinkler system
  10. Fire Alarm and fire control units
  11. 24 hours video surveillance system
  12. Emergency exits and staircases on all floors
  13. Emergency backup power system
  14. Diplomatic zone security
  15. Ergonomic furniture
  16. In house pantry
  17. Meeting/Training room
  18. Individual room
  19. High standing desk
  20. Workshop area
  21. Video conferencing facility
  22. Full IPS and generator backup
  23. Printing and scanning facility