Your pitch deck can create a lot of differences. It can be the differentiating factor between your company getting million-dollar funding to not getting anything. Venture capitalists have very little time, and you have to make the most of those few minutes that you have got to pitch.
  • The Art of Story Telling: Pitching itself is a form of storytelling. Human beings are evolved to listen to stories. So, in order to capture the attention of the VC’s,  you need to turn your business adventure into a story. Simon Sinek’s Why-What-How model can be used to generate a good story.
  • Know the investors: Before sharing your idea with an investor, it is recommended to know about the interests of your investors. Most investors have their own comfort zone of investing. They hardly want to move over their niche. So, you need to do comprehensive research on the investors and make your pitch deck accordingly.
  • Proper Timeline: Investors always look for timeline in your pitch deck. Your timeline reflects the vision of your startup. Make a very realistic timeline as much as possible. If you end up making an over-ambitious timeline, the investors might doubt your credibility.
  • A proper sales plan: At the end of the day, your sales and revenue generation is a pivotal part of your business. How are you going to sell your product, what are your projections, what are you planning to boost sales, these are the things the investors are looking for in a pitch deck.
  • Proper market research: The investors like to see whether you have done your homework. Proper market research is a crucial part of your pitch deck.   

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